Behind the Music: "Reset"

One of the things I strive to do when I write a song or produce a track is to make sure that the music reaches the listener. I don’t try to do too much, and sometimes the simplicity of a composition makes it all the more memorable when someone hears it. Also in terms of lyrical integrity (lol), I always try to put a complete story in my lyrics... a definitive message or resolution to a problem I may address in the song.

I remember talking to a good friend of mine about “Reset.” Because of how horrible and confused I was feeling at the time, I told them:

“I’m not gonna put a resolution in this song...

I’m just gonna leave it as one big question mark.”

To which they replied:

“God is going to give you something to put there.”

I thought, yeah whatever, and went about my business not knowing they were 100% correct.

“Reset" is a song that captures a moment in my life where I was struggling to find my identity. I was frustrated and disappointed with the way my life was looking, and the direction in which it was going. I simply wrote the words after thinking about the Staples commercial with the big red easy button:

“Is there a magic button to push?”

The rest of “Reset" grew from there. Ultimately, the bridge of the song offers a simple resolution to

the way I was feeling.

I think “Reset” is very relevant, and overall it’s a song that a lot of people can relate to. We go through periods in our lives where we regret some of the choices we make, but in reality, we can start over every day. There’s no limit to the amount of resets we get. Thank God for that!

- JW -

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